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Degelis + KymB both believe in the healing power of cannabinoids. Back in 2017, Dege had already begun to pioneer the clean vaping movement. Smoking flower irritated her already sensitive respiratory system, and vaping cannabinoids at lower temperatures solved this problem for her. However, there were very few trust-worthy vaping options that were potent, lab tested and tasted good. After working with farmers, extractors, and chemists, she launched an all-natural, strain-specific proprietary line of vape oil. In the early days, very few people were talking about healthy CBD vapes. Back then the average consumer didn’t realize that most products had toxic additives that could damage their lungs and skin. It wasn’t until the Vape Crisis of 2019 that mainstream media including Rolling Stone and Forbes began to highlight companies like TribeTokes for making products in a clean way without unhealthy chemicals.

As the universe would have it, Degelis + KymB met at an NYC Women Grow event in NYC. KymB was the NYC ambassador and offered to pour Dege a glass of wine. Right then and there a partnership was born. They quickly realized that they had the same vision for growing a tribe or a tight knit community of customers, advocates and CBD enthusiasts. Kym had used her health and fitness background to develop a plant-based clean beauty product. She was looking for a way to bring it to market and Dege said LET'S DO THIS, and the TRIBEAUTY line of CBD Clean Skincare was born.

As CBD demand continues to grow, Degelis and Kym are creating a community that elevates people. They want people to have access to ultra-healthy products that look great on their shelves. In a market lacking transparency, their guiding principle is "Never sell a product you wouldn't give your own mother or sister." Their community is a place of transparency, innovation, and empowerment. The TribeTokes team is obsessed with developing healthy products with powerful therapeutic effects to empower people and businesses with the products, knowledge, and access they need to enrich their lives.

Welcome to the Tribe

Our Story

Degelis Tufts, CFA - CEO

Degelis is an investor, entrepreneur and cannabis industry enthusiast. She is the Founder of Tribe Brands, a family of CBD, Beauty and Wellness brands including TribeTokes, TribeREVIVE and TRIBEAUTY. She was previously an executive at Instafluence (the first influencer agency, which sold to Maker Studios in 2015), an analyst at Sands Capital covering nearly $2 billion in global retail sector investments, and an investment banking analyst at J.P. Morgan. She graduated from the University of Virginia and has her CFA designation.

Favorite TribeTokes Product: Northern Lights CBD Vape before bed, for a more restful sleep
Our Story

Kymberly “KymB” Byrnes - CMO

Kym Byrnes aka "KymB" is an activist, patient advocate and an infuencer in the New York cannabis community (@cannabiswithkymb on Instagram). She is a pilates instructor and entrepreneur, an NYC Ambassador for Women Grow, a lululemon ambassador, and served as a 2018 High Times CBD judge. KymB joined TribeTokes as a cofounder in 2018 and spearheaded the launch of the clean skincare line, TRIBEAUTY.

Favorite TribeTokes Product: Soothing CBD Eye Cream for puffiness and hydration.